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Rendering to Reality

At Western Building Group, we firmly believe that the pre-construction phase lays the foundation for project success. Proper planning and communication during the development of a project results in fewer delays, better resource management, and risk mitigation for all project stakeholders.

Our Pre-construction Team is willing and able to engage a project during any phase to provide design assist and estimating services. Whether the mission is to manifest the design intent, propose value engineering solutions, perform a budgeting exercise, or provide a complete and dependable proposal, clients will always find our services solution-based to add value to your project.

Schematic Design (SD)

  • Review of Feasibility
  • Recommendation of materials and methods
  • Identify problem dollar areas
  • Preliminary budget

Design Development (DD)

  • Refined budget
  • Solution-based review of constructability
  • Value engineering
  • Preliminary schedule with identification of long lead items

Construction Documents (CD)

  • Best and Final proposal
  • Detailed review and confirmation of constructability
  • Scope review with necessary project stakeholders
  • Contract tendering

Design Assist

WBG encourages open communication between the trade partners as early on as possible in the design phases in order to confirm our material applications for consistent and positive performance. We search for potential roadblocks early and communicate those issues in conjunction with providing solutions.

While open communication with the client and other trade partners is our emphasis, we also prioritize communication and collaboration within WBG including estimating, project management, and design teams. This approach ensures that your project benefits from our company’s full offering of experience, creativity, and expertise.

Our full-service Design-Assist approach emphasizes the following:

Manifest the Design Intent

    • Recommending systems, materials, and finishes


    • Providing standard condition details, preliminary engineering, and mock-ups

Cost Estimating and Value Engineering

    • Accurate budgeting with a predictable final price determination

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) & Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

      • Utilizing the most advanced technologies to reduce risk

    Site issues

      • Logistical planning to create an efficient job site

    Maintenance and life cycle

      • Providing an installed product with durability and longevity

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