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Western Building Group Completes McConnell Air Force Base Hanger Project

Wichita, Kansas USA

Western Building Group, LLC with locations in Arizona and Utah has completed installing wall and roofing panels on three massive Air Force Base hangers. Located in Wichita Kansas, McConnell Air Force Base is home to the Air Mobility Command’s 22nd Air refueling Wing, Air Force Reserve Command’s 931st Air Refueling Group and the Kansas Air National Guard’s 184th Intelligence Wing. McConnell AFB is the base of operation for the KC-135R Stratotanker and the new Boeing KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling tanker, each aircraft requires extremely large hangers for storage and maintenance.

Western Building Group (WBG), under contract to Archer Western Aviation Partners, installed 480,000 SF of BEMO standing seam metal roof panels including more than 54,000 BEMO Sliding Hook Clips, rigid insulation, vapor barrier, BEMO-Xtreme underlayment and more than 275,000 SF of Kingspan metal wall panels.

The project included three hangers, 1 Bay, 2 Bay and 3 Bay. The hangers were built for the new Boeing KC-46 Pegasus and each hanger has a specific function and appearance. 1 Bay is a single hanger designed for general maintenance with only a single hanger bay. 2 Bay contains two complete and separate hangers that function as large paint booths complete with massive air filtering systems. Finally, 3 Bay, the largest building with three separate hangers, is for general maintenance and aircraft storage.

Beyond the hundreds of thousands of square feet of roof and wall panels, WBG installed over 3,000 lineal feet of gutter, 8,000 lineal feet of downspout and 800 SF of 2” metal panels at the mezzanine. For the interior, WBG installed over 5,000 SF of 8” mineral fiber 3 hour rated panels between the bays in hangers 2 and 3. The massive hanger doors required the installation of 44,000 SF of face fastened MBCI wall panels on the interior surface.

Finally, BEMO RoofSafe Cable and BEMO RoofSafe Anchor fall safety systems were installed to protect maintenance personnel.

Western Building Group, with locations in Arizona and Utah, brings decades of combined experience to engineered architectural metal building systems. WBG fabricates and installs metal roof and wall systems from linear and straight forward to extremely complex, from small municipal projects to gargantuan airports, anywhere in the world. Western Building Group has the experience and dedicated construction experts to plan, build and deliver a quality project. For more information please contact Craig Burchardt at craigb@wbgemail.com or 801-360-0545.